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Mystery at Hidden Rock

Book cover

The Dashwood family take a trip that leads them down a trail of danger and intrigue. A mysterious note, a false rock and an escaped criminal are just some of the things that the children encounter in this first book of the Meadowsweet Stables Series.

  Targets with Todd and Teddy


Todd and Teddy learn some important principles as they play a game of archery together.

Moving Mountains with Todd and Teddy


Todd and Teddy learn how to overcome obstacles in their daily lives.

Todd and Teddy Meet Colin the Crow


Todd and Teddy learn some lessons about helping others.

Learning Through Brickwork

Brickwork book for children

There is a world all around us which often goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. It is a world full of science, calculation, patterns and mathematical precision. In short, it is the world of bricks. In this textbook, the child will learn through experiments, assignments and activities about this incredible craft, and it will provide a doorway into this fascinating subject. There are many opportunities for a career within the building industry, and this book is a small initial step towards a child setting out on that pathway.

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