George Muller of Bristol

George Muller – born in Prussia in 1805 – born again in 1825!

George Muller lived a remarkable life of Christian service. On this page you will find a quick snapshot of George Muller’s life.


George Muller was born in Prussia in 1805. As a young man, he found it easy to fall into countless sinful ways. All of that changed when he turned to God and was born again in 1825.

He immediately wanted to serve God, and eventually, the Lord led him to Bristol, England, where George Muller founded homes and schools for orphans in the area of Ashley Down.

George Muller was a man who sought only to rely upon Him for his provision. God provided in miraculous ways. Keeping diaries for all the events of his life they show all of his struggles, joys and deliverances. He underwent trials of faith but never did the children go hungry.  His trust in God in this area was unique in many ways. Muller received through his life from 1836 for 63 years almost 1 and a half million pounds and cared for approximately 10,000 children. Yet, during all of this period, Muller refused to ask for money or supplies, relying wholly upon God’s provision. 

Was George Muller rich? No – he lived a life of giving. For his expenses over the 63 years, he received approximately £93,000, and of this, he gave away over £81,000.

George Muller’s achievements in the lives of the children he looked after were immense, and he was known as ‘more than a father’, to them all.

In his later years, Muller travelled extensively speaking to congregations around the world about the mercy of God and His great love for mankind.