Working with sticks

Working with sticks

Working with sticks

Working with sticks can be an excellent tool to teach proportion in size. In fact, you can transform your child’s understanding of proportion with simple and yet memorable sticks. Therefore, by playing around with the sticks, several exercises can teach children which is larger or smaller or ascending and descending sizes. In this short post, I’ll give a few examples.

Use sticks to arrange into sizes lengthwise. This teaches proportion:

Which is the biggest?              Which is the smallest?  

Largest or smallest

Pick the two smallest ones or pick the 3 largest ones. 

Working with sticks

Another task is to place the sticks in ascending or descending order.

Ascending or descending order

Sticks can then be used to make different shapes: triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon etc. This could be done with a set of pencil crayons or different sized lollipop sticks.

Making squares and rectangles
Making a rectangle from sticks

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