Author and illustrator

Written by Janet Hodgson


The start


The first official start to homeschooling began on Thursday the 20th of August 1992. It was undertaken like many new ventures are: with a tentative toe feeling the waters into an ocean of uncertainty. It was actually a kind of experimental home school trial to see how the youngest would react since she was just three years old. It’s true to say that, of all my children, the one who took to it and thrived, was this beloved three year old. Later on, after her first exam at the age of 12, she burst from the exam room. Waving her papers frantically, as if they were victory flags, she strode towards me exhilarated, crying, “That was brilliant!”

Nevertheless, on that first fateful day in August, the pathway towards that exam was a long way off.  We had many twists and turns which had yet to be manoeuvred through. I will do my best to convey how this enjoyable journey was traversed. At times it was a tiring and trying, yet rewarding adventure. Through my long-ago written notes, I am recording this journal that traces our expedition of these dedicated homeschooling family years.


Placing God first


Our day began with the Bible, prayer and singing. The children aged three, five and seven, all played instruments during the songs. Handel’s Messiah or some other scriptural songs were sometimes incorporated into this time of worship.

So, this commencement to our day placed God first – isn’t that the most important thing to do? Impressing upon virgin minds the importance of submitting into God’s hands the start of each day? There can be no greater beginning than prayer. Life begins in God’s hands and ends in God’s hands. Creation sprang from God’s voice, from His powerful Word. This foundation brought the light of God’s majesty into our minds, souls, and spirits: a glow of glory sparking our feeble hearts aflame.   

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; In the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.          PSALM 5:3