Studies of the spices in the Song of Solomon

The Song of Solomon is a book of intimacy. In it we can see various spices that show us the depth of relationship which we have with the Father through Christ the Saviour. The Song of Solomon is read at the Hebrew feast of Passover: the exact time that the Lord Jesus Christ died for each one of us. He opened the veil and brought reconciliation between sinful man and God.
As you read through these Bible studies may the Lord use them to enrich your relationship with Him and deepen your service for Him.

Spikenard flower and root




Spikenard – Growing in the worship of God.

Calamus reed

Calamus – Part 1 The upright reed 

Calamus – Part 2 The reed  that measures

Calamus -Part 3 The candlestick and sweet cane

Crushed myrrh

Myrrh – Bitterness that turns to sweetness

Camphire – The Covering of Christ